Our Story
Our Story

Some people may not know this, but Mike and Amy met via a little known dating medium called "online dating". Ever heard of it? Here's the quick recap of their first whirlwind weekend together.

Friday night: Mike and Amy meet for the first time for "a quick cocktail" before intending to part ways to separate events. Amy carried an ugly Christmas sweater with her the entire night, ordered margaritas to drink (she thought Bell Tower was a Mexican restaurant? It wasn't) and ordered a table appetizer size wedge of goat cheese for dinner (she thought it was a goat cheese salad? It wasn't.).Mike impressed Amy with his stories about being an alter boy, Division 3 college athlete and a resident of Arkansas and sweetly offered to drive her home at the end of the night in his Racecar Red Ford Focus (which she thought was a rental car? It wasn't.)

Saturday night: Mike picked Amy up for a movie night, she fell asleep and snored on his couch, that's when HE started to fall in love. The next day Mike drove Amy to see the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge near his Presidio apartment, that's when SHE started to fall in love.

Sunday night: Mike introduced Amy to some of his friends (was this a test?) at an arcade bar in San Francisco. Amy nearly (like, it was really really close) beat Mike at a punching bag game to measure strength, she was wearing heels. If it was a test - she passed.

Monday night (Christmas Eve Eve): Mike took Amy out for the MNF game, the Niners were playing. They figured out that their paths had crossed earlier that year, on the day the Niners were in the Super Bowl in 2013, and that they had both watched that game at the same bar on Union Street. They realized that going without seeing each other for the next two days when Amy was going home for Christmas were going to be more difficult than expected after only knowing each other for 4 days and that this was the "real deal", Mike's words.

And now, you've been invited to their wedding...