Napa for the First Timer
Sample Itinerary

Wine Tasting, Obviously!

If you are heading to Napa from San Francisco we first recommend a couple of stops in Sonoma on the way up. 

Ram's Gate is one of the most architecturally beautiful wineries, a favorite of Amy's and has fantastic wine (albeit a little pricey but if you're going to do one expensive winery, it should be the first one while you can still taste the difference!)

Cline Cellars is our favorite winery for stocking up on "weeknight" wine, perfect if you drink a lot of Zin. Their property is covered in amazing rose bushes and even has  menagerie of exotic birds. They have picnic tables and it's a beautiful place for lunch. 

Angelo's Deli is just up the road from Cline (you'd be back-tracking a little bit if you stopped here for picnic provisions at Cline but it's worth it). It's an old school deli for great sandwiches and home-made jerky. 

Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa is for tourists and locals alike. You'll probably run into Jan and Dennis there. It's an open market with something for everyone. Oysters, wine, Ritual coffee, Mexican food, Diner food, cold cuts, beer... you name it. It's a great place to stop for lunch if you haven't already. If you don't think that "Best English Muffin in the World" is a thing... it is, check out Model Bakery. 

Robert Sinskey is Mike's personal favorite winery, it also boasts the quintessential Stag's Leap District views and has a wide variety of great wines. They offer a food pairing, if you've wine tasted before you'll remember (or not remember?) mixing in a little food now and then is essential. 

Duckhorn or Paraduxx are sister wineries and if you up for a fourth winery (or fifth?!) these are both fantastic, and favorites of Rob and Sharon's! 

Bottega, Redd, Redd Wood, Rutherford Grill or R&D would be our suggestions for dinner in the heart Napa Valley (you'll want to reserve time for walking around in Yountville before or after dinner, it's just lovely).

Napa for the Seasoned Visitor

Did you know they have beer there, too?! Local style beer tour, below.

Again, this is meant for the path of travel from San Francisco to Napa, reach out to Amy or Mike if your day wants to look a little different. 

Fremont Diner is your trendy, greasy spoon brunch spot on the way up North, perfect hangover cure for the day after the wedding. In Mike's words "rustic appeal and good chicken". 

Carneros Brewery is near to Fremont Diner and could be a good spot to kick off the beer tour. Not a must-do, necessarily, but close.

Napa Palisades Saloon (where Mike asked Dennis for Amy's hand, and subsequently cleaned out their supply of Stout that day) is a fun local bar with around a billion beers on tap in Downtown Napa. 

Trade Brewing is a Napa's newest brew pub. 

Oxbow Public Market is on our list for first timers also, but if you've never been, you just gotta go. Gott's Roadside or Kitchen Door (both at Oxbow) would be great places to round out the day you've had, after you try another beer at Fieldworks (inside Oxbow).  And seriously, Model Bakery, those English Muffins though...

Fillipi's is across the street from Oxbow and is an old school Italian joint favorite-d by Jan and Dennis (it's an 11 minute walk from their house). 

If you're staying in town and looking for a night cap Cadet or the bar at Morimoto (!).